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Why is it important to input tracking numbers in PayPal?

You probably already know the answer! Or are you affected by it?

PayPal cannot assess whether you are doing serious business without this information.
Without tracking data the risk for you is classified as VERY HIGH RISK.

The consequences are catastrophic for you. Paypal will reserve a part of your earnings
and will not pay out. We have already seen rolling reserves of 80% with a period up to
120 days!

This can lead to you being unable to pay your suppliers and having to give up the

Of course without tracking infos it is also not possible to win disputes! In the doubt
you will lose all cases. Even if you add the tracking infos of exactly these cases,
Paypal does not have much confidence in you and will
often decide for the customer.

You can avoid all this by doing honest business!

Transfer all tracking information and PayPal will trust you! PayPal can track where the
shipments are and will see that everything is ok! This will create no or very low
reserves and you can access your money! Also account
suspensions are almost impossible.

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