PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify | Help Center Free Install


  • Am I charged for orders for which I've already submitted tracking info?

    We assume that you will take your hands off the wheel and let the autopilot work. If Paypal already has data (this can only be the case with old ones), it will be updated by the tracking autopilot.
  • How is the invoicing done?

    It's so easy. As a Shopify shop merchant you will be invoiced by your trusted partner Shopify. And remember 50 tracking updates are for free each month. If you grow a little larger...
  • How much does the autopilot cost?

    The installation is free of charge! Every month you can transfer up to 50 tracking updates for free. PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify scales with you and your business. Hence, it is perfect to start your business and be a truste...
  • What does PayPal Tracking Update means?

    Each order paid with PayPal has a unique PayPal transaction id. For each order item in an order you should provide tracking information. This tracking information is also delivered to PayPal. All tracking information of an ...
  • What happens when my credit are used up?

    You can always see the consumption in the overview of the app. We will also inform you by mail about 50% and 75% consumption. You then have the possibility to change the plan.
  • What happens when my monthly included limit is reached?

    Depending on the model, you pay a fixed amount and have a fixed number of autopilot transactions included. Additional tracking updates will be charged with a price per update. Example: You have the package ...
  • Which provider is used for payment?

    The billing is 100% transparent via Shopify.